Sallins Town Park

COMLA secured the public tender to design a new town park for Sallins, Co. Kildare. The 42 acre site is bisected by the new Sallins bypass and touches both the Grand Canal to the south and the Liffey to the north.

COMLA worked with local community groups to determine a list of criteria for inclusion within this new town park. This design will see the GAA and Football Clubs formally accommodated within the site with provision of 2 full size GAA pitches, 2 full size soccer pitches and one multi use pitch. Changing rooms, club facilities and parking for the clubs will all be provided within the larger park facilities. (Works to provide sports buildings have been studied but are not included as part of this planning application).

The existing farmyard with its large agricultural building and historic stone walls are to be retained as a trail head for the adjacent Grand Canal cycleway. This space also enables it to be repurposed for community uses including food stalls, markets and workshops.

A massive gain in biodiversity is to be created onsite from upgrading the existing canal overflow as a series of contained wetlands, flanked by marginal wetland plants and nodes of native trees. This new habitat will overflow to a new stream which will discharge to the Liffey River and forming a strong green corridor which will link the two existing ecosystems.