Cork Airport Roundabout, Co. Cork

The steel sculptural shapes represent the 5 stages of creating a simple paper airplane. The sculptures are positioned to rise with the roundabout on an earth mound, which enables them to lift from the ground as the stages of the paper airplane evolve to set the final airplane in take-off position.

The circular earth mound flows with the roundabout and creates a plinth, which allows the sculptures to be revealed and viewed from all angles, it is topped with a bright dramatic coloured surface. Inspired by the works of the optical artist Bridget Riley and the environmental design interventions of European creative Studio Lang/Baumann this runway of colour imparts the vibrant nature of our growing arts/tech based economy.

The sculpture strives to encapsulate both the brave and bold spirit of the Irish and the quirky, if not slightly ‘out there’ nature, that we are renowned for.

Photo Credits Benson Russel