Coolagown Community

Cathal O’Meara has been a consultant landscape architect to Coolagown Community and Tidy Towns Group since 2011. This relationship has seen the execution of many successful projects and has resulted in Coolagown winning the Entente Floral Gold Medal in 2011.

Completed projects to date have included:

  • The establishment of wildflower meadows
  • Design and planting of a swale to treat surface water run off
  • Development of an extensive perennial planting scheme to replace the annual bedding plants
  • The development of plans for Cool Abbey Well that included the establishment of woodland bulbous planting, a wildflower meadow, mown grass paths, a seating area, a new bridge and extensive associated stone works to complement the scheme. As well as the Entene Floral Gold Medal in 2011 Coolagown has retained its Tidy Towns Gold Medal every year since 2011.